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This week I’m following up on a suggestion about my weekly Social Business Bites , up till now just mailed out as an email newsletter or “ezine”, namely that I post each issue also on my website,. I’ll be doing that here on the blog.

Also, you might have noticed that this week’s issue has a number – #165: I had a bit of a dilemma with the number in terms of whether or not to add in the handful of issues under the previous title, Des Walsh Updates: in the end, I did.

Previous issues have not been numbered but you can browse them at this link

In this week’s issue I’m leading with an article from the highly respected Altimeter group, about the state of digital transformation. That’s not tightly focused on “social business” but it is highly contextual and the report to which it refers, and which you can download free of charge, is by leading social business expert, Altimeter partner Brian Solis. The article includes highlights from the group’s research findings, some of which might surprise you.

Also, as regular readers know, I am not a big fan of infographics, but in item 3 below, about social business trends for 2018, there is a clear and helpful infographic: it prompted me for one to ask myself some serious questions.

This Week’s Top 3 Articles


1. The State of Digital Transformation

Altimeter – Brian Solis

In the new report, “The 2017 State of Digital Transformation,” we surveyed more than 500 executives and digital strategists to understand the current challenges and opportunities they are facing as they undergo a digital transformation.

This is the third annual report on the topic from Altimeter principal analyst Brian Solis.


2. LinkedIn’s Adding Snapchat-Like Geofilters for Conferences and Events

Social Media Today

Here’s a sentence I hadn’t anticipated writing: LinkedIn’s adding new, Snapchat-like video filters to its app. Yes, LinkedIn is also copying Snapchat – though their use-case is a little different, and does make a lot of sense.

As part of their new native video tools, LinkedIn’s giving conference attendees the opportunity to add dedicated event frames to the videos they create while attending such functions.


3. 10 Social Media Trends to Prepare for in 2018

red website design

What does 2018 have in store for your social media marketing strategy

Want to know the trends predicted to have a huge effect on your 2018 social budget?

We share 10 social media trends for 2018


Laser Coaching

Could my laser coaching service help your business, or that of someone you know?

Are you finding it a challenge to get really clear on a business or career opportunity?

That’s not unusual.

Laser coaching is designed to help you get the resolution you need.

Laser coaching works on the principle that there is a truth in every situation, a truth that may not always be obvious. Laser coaching brings that truth to the surface and supports the process of facing it square on, and then deciding on appropriate action.

After a laser coaching session with me, business coach Marla Tabaka said this:

In a single, thirty-minute conversation, Des redirected some concerns I had about my business model, introduced me to several valuable resources, and brought clarity to an issue that I’ve been struggling with for months. Yes, all of this in thirty-minutes!

If you are ready to get the clarity you need to be able to take decisive action, check out my laser coaching service at this link.

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