Business Coaching

Des Walsh

Hi, I’m Des Walsh and I help business owners and entrepreneurs in small and medium business pursue their business dreams and still have their friends and family talking to them along the way – in other words, getting the balance right, not just living to work.

For the past 16 years I’ve applied my executive and CEO experience, and over 20 years in business, together with my advanced coaching skills, to help business owners and entrepreneurs move from worry and frustration to daily enjoyment of their roles and greater productivity.

It has been my pleasure to have Des as my business coach for the past 13 years. Des combines all the fundamentals of a good coach – expert knowledge; clear manner; guidance and suggestion rather than didactic instruction – with a leading edge knowledge of the way social media can improve my business. He is a trusted colleague and a key part of the continued success of my firm.

You Talk, I Listen

As a business coach I focus on listening attentively and supporting you. I’m the independent, professional sounding board I wish I’d had when I was a CEO.

I don’t tell you how to run your business. I’m the person you can brainstorm with, float thought bubbles with, even sound off to, without having to worry about what your team, your partners or your significant other might think or say, while you go through the process of testing your ideas.

Des Walsh is, hands down, one of the frontrunners in the digital landscape – nationally and globally. To say ‘he knows his stuff’ is frankly an understatement. His complementary skill set – that of a coach and social media strategist – gives him the ability to communicate and work with a wide array of clientele, regardless of age, industry or sector.

Digitally Attuned

I’m an enthusiast for technology that helps communication and I love helping clients make business sense of the often overwhelming amount of information about the digital economy, social media, and social networking. Which is why I became an early adopter of LinkedIn (wrote the first book on it), Twitter and the rest, and got certified as a social media strategist.


Get Started with a CoachIs it time for you to have a confidential conversation about how all this works? Would that be worth 20 minutes of your time? Just grab a spot in my schedule at this link and we’ll take it from there.

When it comes to coaching Des brings a range of expertise, as well as business and life experiences to the table. And he truly cares about you and your success. Des has an uncanny ability of quickly understanding your business challenges, cutting to the chase, but in a gentlemanly fashion, and guiding you through a solution process. Toby Bloomberg