Time to Future-proof Your Business

Have you noticed lately how relentlessly negative the news media are?

No surprise that so many people are fearful, pessimistic, thinking the worst.

Many others are positive, optimistic, seeing this as a time of change and possibility.

The positive ones are the people I love to coach.

The dreamers, the risk-takers, the ones who do not expect everything to go perfectly all the time.

The ones who have developed the resilience to bounce back, re-boot and, if necessary, start again.

Hi, I’m Des Walsh.

I’m a business coach and digital entrepreneur.

I’ve always relished change and enjoyed seeking new opportunities.

The most satisfying career experiences have been when I felt most challenged, or even out of my depth!

From my first night as a Sydney taxi driver, to when, as a senior government executive, I managed multi-million dollar national and state programs in education, the arts, and major events.

Then in starting my own business!

As a coach I work with entrepreneurs who relish change and new opportunities, and want to future-proof their business

My mission is to elicit my clients’ inherent greatness..

The Power of Great Questions

Top coaches ask great questions: they respect the ability of their clients to come up with great answers.

Self-starting, self-motivating entrepreneurs appreciate having coaches who listen (intently) more than they speak.

I put a high priority on attentive listening.

My Framework: Clarity, Focus, Momentum

When I started coaching, I asked myself: “When I became a senior government executive, and later a solo entrepreneur, what would I have wanted from a coach?”.

After a lot of thought, the answer that came to me was the following three things – Clarity, Focus, and Momentum

Clarity: in our noisy world we need clarity about our vision, mission and commitment.

Focus: zoning in on purposeful, aligned action

Momentum: keeping on keeping on, through lows as well as highs

The Digital Economy

Not everyone likes working with digital technology but it’s not optional anymore. Clients benefit from my knowledge and experience as a digital economy evangelist for over 20 years, a certified social media strategist and certified affiliate marketer. And now I’m focused on being up to date with the main developments and forecasts for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related technologies, including ChatGPT and other Large Language Models, together with the amazing developments with image generation platforms, including MidJourney, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and Adobe Firefly.
“Des Walsh is a driven and focused entrepreneur who stays in touch with the latest trends, resources, and technologies available to small business. These qualities, combined with years of experience in his field, make Des a superior coach and mentor.”  Marla Tabaka, Business Coach, Small Business Strategist

If any of what I’ve shared here speaks to you, Let’s you and me talk!

Just grab a time in my schedule https://bookme.name/deswalsh/chat-with-des

It has been my pleasure to have Des as my business coach for the past 20 years. Des combines all the fundamentals of a good coach – expert knowledge; clear manner; guidance and suggestion rather than didactic instruction – with a leading edge knowledge of the way social media can improve my business. He is a trusted colleague and a key part of the continued success of my firm.  Kris Gale, Chairman Michael Johnson Associates

Business Coaching

My focus as a business coach is on listening attentively to my clients. My mission is eliciting each client’s greatness.

I specialise in working with smart, interesting, well-balanced business owners and entrepreneurs in the professional services sector, combining my life and business experience with advanced coaching skills to be their objective, professional sounding board.