Beating the Drum for LinkedIn Bloggers

Drummer boy, picture by notfilc, via flickr: Creative Commons

Life moves so fast in the online, social media world that three and a half years, which is how long the LinkedIn Bloggers group has been going, seems a very long time indeed. To put that in perspective and according to the fascinating social media timeline produced by Danah M. Boyd and Nicole Ellison, it’s about  contemporaneous with YouTube, about one and a half years longer than the time since Twitter started and about the same length of time since Facebook became available to all. (HT Tran Tuan Tài for link to Boyd & Ellison social media timeline.)

Given the millions of people on LinkedIn (factoid: at the third level of my LinkedIn connections I am currently connected to 8,774,400 other members and I am by no means a mega-connector) and the untold thousands (hundreds of thousands? millions?) of them who are bloggers, the growth of our group to 896 over those three and a half years of dramatic development and change in the social media/social networking sphere is modest indeed.

Not that growth for its own sake has been a priority or is likely at any stage to be a priority.

LinkedIn Bloggers badgeBut we have decided to give the bus a nudge along on the road to sharing what we have with more people who are interested in the kind of conversations we have, broadly about the intersection of social media, especially but not exclusively blogging, with  social networking and specifically with the LinkedIn platform.

In other words, we are working on a strategy for the group to become better known and to continue to grow. We haver been rather quiet, having our chats. We’ll still be having our chats but we are also beating the drum to let the world  – especially via the search engines – know we are here.

Right now, if you Google LinkedIn Bloggers you will get at best a mixed and tangential message about the group – at best. That is about to change. With the strategies we are working on, it will soon be much easier for people wanting the sort of group we have, the sort of conversations we have, to find us.

I’ve posted about this, with more background on LinkedIn Bloggers, at my Thinking Home Business blog.

Thing is, if you are already in LinkedIn Bloggers, I hope you will like the idea of augmenting this little bit of drum-beating with some word of mouth/word of blog of your own.

And if you are one of those who has yet to discover the joys of being a member of LinkedIn Bloggers, please come and check us out. It’s a .net url. http://www.linkedinbloggers.net If you would like to join, please read the instructions carefully, especially about providing your LinkedIn profile link (it’s explained there).

Picture of drummer boy by notfilc, via flickr: Creative Commons

Des Walsh

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