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About Laser Coaching

Are you finding it a challenge to get really clear on a business or career opportunity? Is something stopping you from growing your business or career the way you want – and maybe you are not even quite sure what the problem is? You’re just so busy with the “day to day” that you haven’t given yourself the time to get the clarity you need to move forward. You don’t really want to settle for “business as usual” – but you feel stuck.

That’s not unusual.

In business, as in life, we all make some compromises, some adjustments. Sometimes we can be so caught up in the “day to day” that we let opportunities slip by. Maybe we’ve taken risks before and they did not work out well, so we’ve become wary of “dreaming big”. Sometimes our hesitation can be due to a limiting belief about what we are really capable of. Whatever it is, in our heart of hearts we know that our business, and our enjoyment of life, will be so much better if we can find a way to get some real clarity and move forward.

There is a way – it’s called laser coaching.

What’s laser coaching? And how can it help?

Thomas LeonardLaser coaching is a specialized coaching technique and approach that promotes quick alignment, a rapid sense of relief, and a way of quickly unblocking someone who may have felt stuck in their way of thinking for a long time. Thomas Leonard, Founder of Coachville, 2002

Laser coaching works on the principle that there is a truth in every situation, a truth that may not always be obvious. Laser coaching brings that truth to the surface and supports the process of facing it square on, and then deciding on appropriate action. A commitment to a laser coaching session is a commitment to be willingly challenged to “get to the point”, to be in an environment where searching questions will be asked, so as to uncover a deeper level of truth about the issue being addressed. When describing the laser coaching process, coaches often quote the saying “The truth will set you free – but it may piss you off in the process”. But it’s not psychotherapy and it’s not about telling long stories.

Des Walsh is a driven and focused entrepreneur who stays in touch with the latest trends, resources, and technologies available to small business. These qualities, combined with years of experience in his field, make Des a superior coach and mentor. In a single, thirty-minute conversation, Des redirected some concerns I had about my business model, introduced me to several valuable resources, and brought clarity to an issue that I’ve been struggling with for months. Yes, all of this in thirty-minutes! I highly recommend that you consult with Des if you are a growth-minded entrepreneur who wishes to take your business far beyond its current state.

Marla Tabaka

Business Coach, Inc. Author, Small Business Strategist, MTabaka Enterprises, Inc.

So how does it work?

The mechanics of the process are straightforward: Once you have decided this is for you, you register for a laser coaching session at the Book Me In! link below. I send you a confirmation and a link to my calendar so you can schedule a time for our online session. At the scheduled time we meet on a video link, which has a very easy process for connecting – I will send details. We allow 40 minutes for the laser coaching session. With your agreement, the whole session can be recorded, so you won’t need to take notes.

Recently, I took part in one of Des’s Laser Coaching sessions and I’m so glad that I did. Currently, I am going through a major shift both personally and in my business. I felt stalled and was unsure how to unpack things in order to make the changes necessary. Des quickly identified what I needed to do, to open the next path and action things. This gave me clarity on the steps that I need to complete in my shift. I’ve already begun doing so. Thanks Des. This is a huge win for me, I highly recommend setting up a session to help achieve your goals.

Richard Coleman

Director, Richard Coleman Marketing

What benefits come from laser coaching?

You get really clear about your issue and the deeper truth about it. You recognize any limiting beliefs that are holding you back. You are supported in considering other perspectives to help you “re-frame” the issue. We brainstorm some possible solutions. We co-create a practical action plan so you can move forward immediately.

Thank you, Des for an amazing Laser Coaching session! In 30 minutes you honed in on a very specific element that I had completely omitted – namely, using the actual words of my potential clients to describe their experiences! The minute you said it I knew that that needed to be a critical piece of my marketing. As a speaking coach and as you so correctly noted, these were not experiences that I myself had, so it was necessary to find the true words and emotions that others felt – like “stage fright” or “drawing a blank.” It truly was “laser” coaching! Once discovered, you refined and sharpened the concept even more! As I said, an amazing 30 minutes!

Linda Sherwin

Performance Improvement Expert, Keynote Speaker, Linda Sherwin International

Who will not find this process helpful?

Laser coaching is not for anyone who

  •  doesn’t feel held back or blocked by any particular issue
  • dislikes or even resents being challenged on their statements and assumptions
  • believe they have all the answers

When you do this once, you’ll probably never have another conversation about this specific problem. It’s kind of cool that way. Thomas Leonard, Coachville Laser Coaching Training Session, February 2002

Who is this process for?

Laser coaching can work for anyone who has a problem or issue that they know needs to be addressed, something that may be blocking them, and where they believe it would help to be asked the kind of challenging questions that will help them nail the real issue, which is often not quite what they thought it was. And they are ready to be challenged and “face the music”. Ready to go to that deeper level of truth.

Ready to take action?

Just choose a day and time from the calendar below, click Book Me and let’s do this.

Although I’ve known Des Walsh for many years, I had never experienced his coaching until recently. I found our coaching session to be insightful and powerful. In just a short time I had much more clarity for going forward with my charitable foundation work. I was impressed with how laser focused Des was in our discussion! I highly recommend his coaching to anyone who is looking for some direction in their life.

Suzanne Holman

Coach-Consultant to Women, Suzanne Holman International