Create Your Dream Business for the Digital Age

We’re living more and more in a digital world, right?

And more and more people are looking to have an online business, or to expand an existing offline business online.

So it makes sense to master the key skills we will all need, more and more, to survive and thrive in that world.

And if you own the business, or are a senior executive, and believe you can leave all that to your staff, my advice, as politely as I can put it, is this – Think Again.

Because the world is changing faster than we are likely to expect – especially the business world.

Online sales and marketing are becoming basic skills to survive and thrive.

As business moves more and more online, and social media grows in business influence and impact, we all need to be on a continual learning path, to make the most of the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls as well as we can.

You may not be the one who does the “boiler room” work on social media, but you sure need to know how it all works. And realistically, that means having or acquiring the key skills yourself.

And I don’t mean being able to take a selfie or post something on Facebook or Twitter.

My Mission

I’m on a mission to support, mentor and coach leaders, and “leaders-in-waiting” who are ready and willing to learn the skills of online sales and marketing and how to best leverage social media.

As with any high performance activity, that includes mindset coaching and personal growth, as well as the mechanics of online business.

With over 20 years experience as a communications consultant and business coach, and before that as a senior government executive, I love supporting entrepreneurs by being their professional sounding board and strategic “thinking partner”.

If you’re ready to change, ready to go beyond “getting by”, ready to go for greatness, I have programs to support you in that and I’m ready to help. Just grab a time in my schedule here and let’s talk.

It has been my pleasure to have Des as my business coach for the past 14 years. Des combines all the fundamentals of a good coach - expert knowledge; clear manner; guidance and suggestion rather than didactic instruction - with a leading edge knowledge of the way social media can improve my business. He is a trusted colleague and a key part of the continued success of my firm.

Kris Gale

Chairman, Michael Johnson Associates

Business Coaching

My focus as a business coach is on listening attentively to my clients. My mission is eliciting their greatness. I specialise in working with smart, interesting, well-balanced business owners and entrepreneurs in the professional services sector, combining my life and business experience with advanced coaching skills to be their objective, professional sounding board. [Read more ...]

Strategic Social Media

Too many business owners and entrepreneurs find social media overwhelming or just confusing. As a long term business user of social media and a certified social media strategist, I help my clients cut through the social media hype and align their social media activity with their strategic business objectives.[Read more ...]

Social Business Bites stands out because it's useful. Each article Des includes is there for a reason, and he always explains why it matters. His insight about business and technology and his depth of knowledge make all the difference. That's why I read every issue.

Becky McCray

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author

Des Walsh is a driven and focused entrepreneur who stays in touch with the latest trends, resources, and technologies available to small business. These qualities, combined with years of experience in his field, make Des a superior coach and mentor.

In a single, thirty-minute conversation, Des redirected some concerns I had about my business model, introduced me to several valuable resources, and brought clarity to an issue that I’ve been struggling with for months. Yes, all of this in thirty-minutes!

I highly recommend that you consult with Des if you are a growth-minded entrepreneur who wishes to take your business far beyond its current state.

Marla Tabaka

Business Coach, Inc. Author, Small Business Strategist, MTabaka Enterprises Inc,