appreciation n. 1. thanks or gratitude 2. assessment of the true worth or value of persons or things

Darren Rowse has done his bit to lift the NBSI (Net Blogger Satisfaction Index), by declaring this day April 14th to be Blogger Appreciation Day (Unofficial).

I took some action this morning in this regard, as mentioned on Thinking Home Business .

Three more appreciations before the day is done.

Rick Bruner who kept the Business Blog Consulting blog going when Paul Chaney encouraged him to do that, so that for those of us invited to participate there were a new platform and new colleagues – some of whom have, for me at least, become friends.

Paul Chaney who is a continuing inspiration to me in his willingness to keep pushing out from the safety of the shoreline into still-being-charted waters and who not only persuaded Rick to keep Business Blog Consulting going but somehow got me onto the list of contributors.

Stephan Spencer who has taken over Business Blog Consulting and is being very patient with me, waiting for some fresh posts. On the priority list, Stephan!

And as well as those three, all the other bloggers on Business Blog Consulting (check the sidebar for names and links).

Thank you for being great colleagues – and friends.

The more I think about it the more I realize there is a host of bloggers who have helped and inspired me. I appreciate you all!

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