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International Association of Coaching (IAC) President's Award - Des Walsh recipient

Acknowledging the International Association of Coaching (IAC)

Fourteen years ago, early in 2003, I became one of the founding members of the International Association of Coaching (IAC). Earlier this week I was honoured and delighted to be presented, by IAC President Krishna Kumar, with the IAC President’s Award. While I am grateful that the IAC has done this, I am at the same time very conscious of the fact that what I have gained from my association with the organization outweighs any contribution I have made.

artificial Intelligence (AI) & the Future of Coaching

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Coaching

Whether your view of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is dystopian or utopian, fearful or optimistic, a few moments consideration will remind you that AI is no longer something just for futurologists. It’s not just coming to a business, a car, a house or apartment near you: it’s here already in some form or many. What are the implications for the world of coaching?

Russian Dolls, by Paul Huxley via flickr

What I Do as a Coach and Who I Serve

This post is work in progress on a statement about my business focus, my motivation as a coach, and the service I seek to provide, It includes a statement about my ideal client and the demographic group I focus on. I invite comments and critique.