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Getting Serious with LinkedIn

I love running workshops and seminars about LinkedIn.

I don’t love the usual reality of not having enough time to:

  • go into the finer points, so people can get some real mastery of the platform
  • give people immediate, hands-on experience of LinkedIn skills, such as optimising their profile or setting up a company page.

Laurel PapworthSo I am really looking forward to being able to work with a group of people intensively, for a whole day, to help them power up their LinkedIn presence and engagement.

To be specific, in Sydney on 11th July, together with Laurel Papworth, a.k.a. @SilkCharm, I will be facilitating a full day, intensive, interactive workshop for people who want to get their teeth into using LinkedIn effectively for Corporate and Professional use.

Small Group: Hands-On, Bring Your Laptop

Des WalshThis is a very intensive, hands-on course and computer access is restricted to 12 people so places are limited. Judging by the requests people have already made for such a course, places will fill early.

Everyone will bring their own laptop. If anyone has a problem doing that, arrangements will be made for a laptop hire for the day at a very reasonable price.

What We’ll Cover

LinkedIn Training for BusinessThese are the sorts of things we’ll be covering in this ONE day, very INTENSIVE course:

Professional Profile

  • Have I done it right? How do I: Write an update? Add someone? Delete someone?
  • Does it look professional?


  • How do I handle the invitations to connect from people I don’t know?
  • How many connections do I need to be able to use LinkedIn effectively?
  • How do I invite people to connect without being accused of spamming?


  • What is the connection between Promotion vs Engagement?
  • How do I find the right group?
  • What is the Etiquette?
  • How do I not be blamed for spamming?

Business Pages

  • What does a Company Page look like?
  • Why have a Company Page?
  • How do I get people to follow the page?
  • What is a Showcase page and how do I set one up?

Advanced Search

  • How do I find the people buying my product?
  • How do I find purchasing managers for my product and services in Melbourne, Seoul, London?
  • What connection do they have with me?

Ads & Sponsored Posts

  • What sort of things could I advertise?
  • How effective are LinkedIn Ads?
  • How do I set an ad up and measure it?

Premium Accounts

  • Do I need a Premium account?
  • What do I get with it?
  • Should I bother with paying or just use a free account?


  • What use are are recommendations?
  • How do I get them?
  • Are they spam?
  • How do I show and hide recommendations?
  • What is a helpful way to give recommendations to others?


  • How are Endorsements different from Recommendations?
  • What use are Endorsements?
  • What do I do with Endorsements for skills I don’t have or don’t want to promote?
  • What do I do with Endorsements from people who don’t have a basis for giving me such endorsements?
  • How can I use Endorsements effectively to help people in my network?

Adding Samples of Your Work

  • How to add samples of your work to your LinkedIn profile

Statistics and Analytics

  • What LinkedIn Statistics and Analytics are important?
  • What tools should I use?

Strategy and Tools

  • How do I integrate LinkedIn with my other social media, with my dashboards and measurement tools?
  • How much time do I need to spend on LinkedIn?

Sydney Opera HouseIs This For You, or Someone in Your Company?

To sum up:

  • This is a one day, intensive course.
  • It focuses on using LinkedIn to support your company’s social engagement strategy and leverages LinkedIn for B2B, executive and professional objectives.
  • Maybe you don’t see yourself being able to spend a day on this, but you can see the value to your company of having at least one person really up to speed on how to get the best out of LinkedIn.

Why Now? Why this Intensive?

LinkedIn has over 300 million members, of whom more than 50 million are in Asia, including over 5 million in Australia alone. No surprise then that more and more companies and individual professionals are wanting guidance on how best to use this platform.

The use of LinkedIn is now so pervasive that if you are not using it and using it effectively, especially for B2B and Professional Services, you could be seriously missing out on opportunities.

An up to date, optimised LinkedIn profile is now “basic kit” for any professional.

And with over 3.6 million Company Pages now on LinkedIn, if your brand doesn’t have one, what are you telling your market? Not interested? Nothing to say?

This one day intensive on LinkedIn is designed to position your company and you to take full advantage of the business and professional opportunities discovered and utilised on a daily basis by those who become proficient in using this platform.

You don’t have to be a technical expert to participate. We do expect you will have some social media experience, be familiar with the concept of LinkedIn and be interested in exploring LinkedIn groups, Pages, Advanced Search, Analytics and other LinkedIn features.

The small group – around 12 – with two (2) co-facilitators means you are going to get full, personal support during the day to make the most of the opportunity.

Lunch and light refreshments are included as part of the course.

And you’ll need to BRING YOUR LAPTOP or talk to us about arranging one for you.

Why Laurel Papworth and Me?

Not to beat around the bush:

  • we know this stuff
  • we are experienced in sharing our knowledge
  • we know how to make the process engaging – fun even – and productive

For more detail, see the relevant paras about us on the Eventbrite page about the Intensive.

More Information and Registration

You can get more information about location, times, bios for the co-presenters, and other administrative details. and register, at this link for the Eventbrite page.

The full price is very reasonable. The discounted Early Bird price currently operative, is a steal!

If You are Not in Sydney

If you’re not in Sydney but could get there for the Intensive, that would be great.

Otherwise, if you have colleagues or friends in Sydney who might want to power up their LinkedIn presence and effectiveness, I would be most grateful for your forwarding them the link to this post.


If you have any questions about the LinkedIn intensive, or generally about LinkedIn or other social media, please leave those in the comments below or get in touch via the Contact page.

Image credits: LinkedIn pen, from The Seafarer (Sheila Scarborough) via Flickr, CC BY 2.0; Sydney Opera House, Des Walsh 2009

Des Walsh

Business coach and digital entrepreneur. With coach training from and its Graduate School of Coaching, and a founding member of the International Association of Coaching, Des has been coaching business owners and entrepreneurs for the past 20 years. Over the same period he has also been actively engaged in promoting the business opportunities of the digital economy. He is a certified Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) coach, and a certified specialist in social media strategy and affiliate marketing.

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  1. Hi Des,
    Looks like you’ve got a really good seminar coming up and I bet there will be lots of participants. LinkedIn is a very important platform for professionals and businesses. Based on the way you outlined your topics, you got everything covered to make the most of a LinkedIn profile. I would really be interested to know how a profile can stand out amidst millions of other LinkedIn members.

  2. I wish I could make that seminar, sounds like it will be a great day. I definitely agree that everyone needs to learn how to use LinkedIn properly and to it’s fullest use. Nowadays your LinkedIn profile is just as important as your resume is when applying for jobs.

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