Jay Deragon CEO Social Flights: Interview

Do you ever think, when someone comes up with a great idea, “Hey I could have thought of that”? Or maybe you did think of it and then let it go or hit too many obstacles to make it happen. I guess that’s a common enough experience for any of us who like to think of ourselves as entrepreneurs.

Jay Deragon, CEO Social FlightsBut I know it is beyond the realms of fantasy that I would have come up with my friend Jay Deragon’s concept of Social Flights. And even if I’d thought of it I would not have known where to start to make it happen.

In this interview I chat with Jay about this new arrival on the travel scene, whereby folks who might never have thought they would be travelling in private jets are doing so.

The short story about Social Flights, in the words of the website, is:

Social Flights uses social technology in a whole new way to allow like-minded travelers to find each other efficiently and effectively.  Social Flights gives those travelers the means to share and coordinate their travel plans and to secure private aircraft for their trips.

Jay expands on that in the interview. I found the story fascinating, especially the bit about Travel Tribes, and I hope you will too.

Social Flights - Air Travel Without All the Hassles

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