Building Corporate Web Communities Successfully

My WordFrame colleague David Terrar has shared his slide deck for a presentation at the recent corporate social media SOMESSO conference in Zurich, Switzerland.

In his post on the subject David is somewhat apologetic about the number of bullet points.

But they are good bullet points. There is probably a book that could be written just on the list of Recommendations in slide 21.

The emphasis is on building sustainable communities – a bigger ask than just starting something without regard for how long it will last or how successfully it will meet corporate social media objectives.

I was also impressed with the succinct advice in slide 22, taken from another conference:

  • think big
  • start small
  • move fast

Although I suspect that the third point, “move fast”, would in some circumstances need some qualification.

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Business coach and digital entrepreneur, Des has been actively engaged for over 20 years in promoting the business opportunities of the digital economy. He is a certified specialist in social media strategy and affiliate marketing. Des is a global partner with the forex education and trading company, CashFx Group, where he focuses on creating futureproof financial freedom, and supporting others who desire to do the same for themselves and their families.

1 thought on “Building Corporate Web Communities Successfully”

  1. Hi Des,
    Thanks for your kind words – book? – that’s a good idea! As I was presenting in Zurich at SOMESSO there were a few tweets (in German, which was a challenge) commenting on the number of bullets, and that feedback pushed me in to thinking slide 21 needs to be expanded in to a sequence. As well as re-writing that part of the presentation, the best practices on that slide have triggered us to do a revision of our implementation methodology (which we’ve now named SWITCH) – and we’ll be sharng the new material with the WordFrame family and explaining the acronym shortly.

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