Foursquare explained by Co-Founder Denis Crowley – interview with J D Lasica

Although I haven’t yet hooked into the location-based, mobile-enabled service Foursquare, I’m interested to know what the buzz is about.  On Twitter I see all these tweets about people becoming “mayor” of various locations. I’ve also noticed some criticism, such as the suggestion that Foursquare could be “super useful for burglars” (there was a response by Foursquare).

In a recent post, J D Lasica reports on his four minute interview with Foursquare CEO and Co-Founder, Denis Crowley:

There is quite a bit of background noise in the video, but I picked up these few bullet points.

  • they (the people behind Foursquare) want to provide “things to make cities easier to use”
  • they are “trying to make the real world more playful”
  • they want to “provide rewards for things people do”
  • “It’s always been about getting credit for doing things you do in real life anyway”

I don’t see businesses getting too excited about Foursquare just yet, but it looks as if the service is making waves, especially among the 20-30 somethings, and although the company is only a year old, they are expecting to hit the one million user mark by May – or sooner.

Evidently the service is proving of some interest to local merchants, for example in helping them understand who their more frequent customers are.

For once I am not eager to try the “new, new thing” straight away, but it will be interesting to see how Foursquare goes.

Will it be the “Twitter of 2010” as some, according to J D Lasica, are saying? Who knows? I’m mindful of the fact that when I joined Twitter three years ago I had no idea how huge and generally pervasive it would become, and so quickly.

Are you using Foursquare? Do you find it fun? Do you find it useful?


Video by J D Lasica on Vimeo: Creative Commons licence

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