I have to admit that until sometime early last week I was a Facebook skeptic, at least as far as being willing to recommend incorporating Facebook into a business strategy. But I have great respect for the people behind the Web Community Forum who had organized a Facebook-focused event in Seattle to take place over the past couple of days.

I knew that web and social media strategist and Forrester Senior Analyst Jeremiah Owyang was delivering the keynote, although I hadn’t actually focused on the topic.

But I sat up and took notice when I read the blog post Seattle Facebook Conference: Main Room Sold Out, Overflow Room Available

And now that Jeremiah has published the slides from his presentation – as below – I’m more than interested. I’m excited.

Because Jeremiah has shown, with supporting data and persuasive argument, why business large and small should move now to take advantage of the brand building and marketing opportunities offered by Facebook.

He does not gloss over the problems – or challenges, if you will – in using Facebook for business. He situates them in a bigger picture of opportunity.

I’m not a great slideshow fan but this one certainly got my attention. So much information, so many great suggestions. I believe this is a “take it to the bank” production.


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As Jeremiah acknowledges in his post on the subject, Ariel at Electrolicious has detailed bullet point notes of the presentation. Although she says that now J O has published his slides the notes are superfluous, I found it useful to read through them.

Jeremiah mentions also that Teresa Valdez Klein put up lots of tweets (on Twitter) on the presentation (I had to tab back to about p16 on Dec 8 to get to the start of her tweets about this presentation). Teresa’s tweets give some of the color that is not evident from the slides, so if you are into color, check it out. But the one tweet of Teresa’s I enjoyed reading particularly was this one from 08:27 AM December 05, 2007 :

a lot of people are walking in late here. @jowyang‘s presentation will be videoed, so if you missed something, you’ll have another chance

So that will give us the audio to go with the slides.

PS: if you have a challenge with playing the slideshow on Mozilla Firefox – as I did – try Internet Explorer, which worked for me.

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