BlogWorld Expo Three Weeks On

I had every intention of blogging promptly about my experience at BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas earlier this month. In fact, I’d even seen myself doing some live blogging: I made an attempt at that but decided that I’m not really cut out for listening intently and simultaneously typing up in a coherent way what I’m hearing. Although I did manage a few contributions to the Twitter stream during a couple of sessions.

As for the post-conference period, there were technically some opportunities to post. But after travelling and living somewhat out of a suitcase for the past three weeks, I’ve had also to face the fact that my blogging-as-road-warrior skills leave something to be desired.

On the other hand, the delay has given me access to a rich resource of all those bloggers who posted about BlogWorld Expo while it was happening and subsequently.

Thanks to those posts, with many pictures and videos, today I’ve been reliving some of the various excellent experiences of the event, including several standout conference sessions, the impressive array of products and services on display in the Expo, and the experience of meeting face to face people I had till then known only virtually, and making new friends.

For me it was a wonderful experience from go to whoa.

Zac Johnson has a great list of videos from the event.

Simon Chen has uploaded some extended and not so long videos on his Eight Black blog. If you don’t want to watch a lot of videos from BlogWorld Expo, but are even remotely interested in how to measure the impact and effectiveness of a blog, you owe it to yourself to watch Simon’s video of the whole session by Avinash Kaushik on web analytics.

Simon has also posted his video, recording the full hour and a half session I co-hosted with Rich Brooks, on Going Global with Social Media. And a shorter interview with me – just over ten minutes – including my impressions of BlogWorld Expo and a few thoughts on blogging in the business context.

Tomorrow, more links from the event.

Des Walsh

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