Countdown to ad:tech Beijing

I love travel and I also love speaking on blogging and other social media and social networking themes. Next week I get to do both, as a scheduled session moderator at the interactive marketing event ad:tech Beijing.

Together with corporate blogging consultant and author of The Corporate Blogging Book, Debbie Weil and Sina National GM Sales, Jason Ge, I’ll be coordinating a discussion on the theme How to Build a Corporate Social Network Platform.

Our plan is to have the session work, as far as possible, as a discussion rather than as a “presentation”. We’re taking our cue from the “unconferencing” style of conference session where the “speakers” play a role more of discussion leaders than “presenters”.

As Jonathan Follett explains in his post Understanding the Unconference:

The unconference format is based on the premise that in any professional gathering, the people in the audience—not just those selected to speak on stage—have interesting thoughts, insights, and expertise to share.

Yes, we will have some slides, but just to provide an overview, some discussion points and some screenshot examples.

It will be my first visit to China, so it’s all pretty exciting.

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Business coach and digital entrepreneur, Des has been actively engaged for over 20 years in promoting the business opportunities of the digital economy. He is a certified specialist in social media strategy and affiliate marketing. Des is a global partner with the forex education and trading company, CashFx Group, where he focuses on creating futureproof financial freedom, and supporting others who desire to do the same for themselves and their families.

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