Perfect Setting for Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum

If you need to spend a day in a Web 2.0 seminar, there would be few places to compete with the setting last week for Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum – at Luna Park on Sydney Harbour, looking across to the majestic sails of the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Opera House, Feb 26, 2009: Des Walsh, CC (some rights reserved)*

As with any event put on by Future Exploration Network, it was a full day’s program, with stimulating and informative presentations and a series of rapid-fire, mini workshops.

It was a Twitterfest, so much so that one speaker complained of the number of people with their heads down, tweeting away and seemed to be pleading with those present to look up and pay more attention to him. I don’t think people were necessarily paying less attention than if they’d been staring at the presenter, but I do see this sort of situation becoming an interesting test for speakers who have become used to gaining eyeball attention.

Apparently, according to some measures, the event – via the hashtag #e2ef – was the #1 Twitter activity globally on the day: others ranked it #2.

As for me, I was not so much tweeting as typing into my live coverage of the event on Coveritlive. That meant that I was unable in practice to do much tweeting, but I was able to program Coveritlive to pull others’ tweets into my Coveritlive stream.

Peta Hopkins from Bond University was a very active participant. As well as presenting  a case study in the morning and participating in a panel discussion, she had her own Coveritlive stream going.

I was able to interview several of the presenters and will be posting the interviews, mostly video, some audio, here over the next few days.

As  I say, the day was stimulating and informative.

It was also fun. How could it not be, when the conference facilities (which I found quite impressive) are in what is arguably Sydney’s most famous place historically for fun, Luna Park?

Luna Park, Sydney, Feb 26, 2009
Luna Park, Sydney, Feb 26, 2009: Des Walsh, CC (some rights reserved)*

The Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum blog provides detailed background and links to the various reports and comments on the day’s events.

* Pictures in this post are covered by a Creative Commons license (some rights reserved).

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