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When it comes to keeping up with what’s happening in the blogosphere, even just in the sectors of particular interest to me, there is a lot I miss which, if I discover it later I wish I’d known about at the time. With all the best intentions and resolutions to do better, the task seems a lot harder than it used to be. Too many blogs of interest, not enough time.

There’s the serious, business related stuff. There’s also the gossip, the amusing or amazing trivia that can brighten the day and that doesn’t get to my Twitter stream, or at least not when I’m around.

Which is why, every Saturday, as I plough through my email inbox, promising myself I will read this or that newsletter again one day, zapping the obvious spam and promising myself I will soon unsubscribe from most of the lists I’m on, I am always pleased to see the weekly Best in Blogs message from SixApart.

I like the way I can get an indication from the subject line, before I even open the email, that there could be something of interest to me in this week’s message.

And I am rarely disappointed, as there is usually at least one item that interests or amuses me, and often several.

Today’s was in the “several” department:

Best in Blogs: Twitter Adds Ads, Tweets Now Live Forever; Google Boss Blasts Blogs

I also like the frequently irreverent style of the email (which is really a blog post sent out by email – or should that be an email which is also a blog post?), such as the throwaway but cutting comment at the end of the report today on blogger reactions to the story of the Library of Congress preserving all the tweets for posterity:

The Next Web says “it seems wrong” but not how you think: “It seems wrong for an archive of people’s thoughts, feelings, opinions and actions… from all corners of the world… to be maintained by one country’s official library. It feels unjust.” Boy, all the injustice in the world, and now this.

and this on Twitter’s new “promoted tweets” being referred to as “ads”

Oh wait–forget everything we just said. Twitter COO Dick Costolo insists says Promoted Tweets aren’t ads. Ah, right. “Oh gag me,” begs Business Insider.

There is more to than the weekly editors’ pick, such as their Top Ten lists, and I get more frequent updates in my RSS reader.

But I do like my Saturday morning blog goss email.

There is a box on the site where you can subscribe just for the weekly emailed update.

Do you have a preferred way of keeping up with what’s happening in the blogosphere?

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