I’ve been working on how best to explain what I do as a coach, the service I provide, and how I do it.

My business focus, if you will.

I’m really good at helping other people with this sort of exercise, but not so great when it’s about me and what I do.

I understand that’s not an uncommon experience.

What I’ve got right now is a bit like a set of Russian dolls.

As explained below, there is a set of statements:

    • one very short statement
    • one a bit longer
    • another longer still, and
    • a more extended one 

As the statements get longer, each builds successively on the previous one, with all having the same core message  – hence the Russian dolls metaphor.

I’m hoping readers will give me some honest feedback. I’ll also either link to this from social platforms or reproduce some or all on Facebook.

But first a couple of things by way of underlying principles for this exercise:

  • people I serve and want to serve – my ideal clients
  • my motivating belief and my mission as a coach


My ideal clients and their demographic grouping

My ideal client is a mature man or woman, business owner or entrepreneur, with high self-esteem but not arrogant, both visionary and practical, genuinely entrepreneurial, a caring person but not soft, always ready to learn from experience and to grow as a person and business owner, an honest communicator, with a good sense of humour and general love of life. A person who values coaching – or is open to valuing it – and is coachable.

My ideal client is English speaking, usually in the age range 30-60, more likely to be in a service industry or technology, more likely B2B than B2C.

My ideal client is not primarily motivated by making money but is keen to have and maintain a successful, profitable business. He or she has a budget for coaching, doesn’t quibble about paying a fair fee, and pays promptly.

In line with the age range mentioned above, the demographic group, and hence the focus of my marketing, is, to use the popular categories, Gen X (say 30-52) through younger Boomers (say 53-60) – noting that there can always be exceptions at either end of the spectrum.

My motivating belief about coaching and my mission as a coach

I believe every one of us has the potential to do great things, to be great in some way. My mission as a coach is to elicit that greatness in every one who chooses to work with me.


Shortest version

I elicit greatness in my clients

A bit longer

I support business owners and entrepreneurs in realising their greatness, by providing attentive, appreciative listening and fresh, strategic thinking about problems, challenges and opportunities.

Longer again (includes some bio content)

I support business owners and entrepreneurs in realising their greatness, by providing attentive, appreciative listening and fresh, strategic thinking about problems, challenges and opportunities.

I’ve “been there”. I’ve carried responsibility for multimillion dollar projects. I’ve led teams working to immovable deadlines.

I left the financial and career security of the senior executive ranks in government, making the entrepreneurial jump to chance my arm and create my own consulting, industry training and now coaching business. So I know about taking risks and about personal transition/transformation.

Now as a business coach, my specialty is being an independent, professional sounding board and strategic “thinking partner”. I’m also able to help with guidance on how to use social media effectively for your business.

More detailed version

My About page

The content of that page is basically consistent with the shorter versions above, but on a quick review now I believe I have some tweaking to do to ensure that the story in the About page is more fully aligned with the other statements.

In the meantime, the page goes into some detail – but not too much detail, I hope! – about:

    • My professional background, including my coaching credentials and certification as a social media strategist
    • Lessons I’ve learnt along the way
    • What I offer as a coach
    • What you get when you work with me
    • How to book a time in my schedule to discuss this – a no-obligation chat to see if it makes sense for us to work together

I may also include in future, in the About page, something about my ideal clients.

The Call to Action

I usually add to the longer statements, especially to the About page, some version of the following call to action. It links to my calendar, where people can book a no-obligation “discovery call” with me. The jury seems to be out on whether that’s a good idea or not – i.e. whether all consultations should be paid ones – but I do make it clear from the outset that this is not a free coaching session, it’s a discovery call to see if we can work together.

If you’re ready to change, ready to go beyond the lonely thinking of the “entrepreneur’s internal monologue”, I have programs to support that and I’m ready to help. Just grab a time in my schedule here and let’s talk.

Comments, Critique Welcome

As I indicated at the beginning of this post, I find it easier to help others with this kind of exercise than to do it for myself.

I will value any comments you care to make, either as to content or layout, or both. And if you are tough in that process I can take it. 🙂

Image credit: Russian Dolls, Paul Huxley, via Flickr, CC 2.0


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