Rediscovering Conversation

In recent days I’ve been rediscovering the pleasure of actual, real life conversation.

The kind of one on one conversation you have with a friend over coffee or a meal, when you are catching up.

As distinct from text message exchanges or comment threads on a Facebook or other social media platform.

This was in part prompted by a challenge from one of my mentors, which led me to start a list of people I admire and like, whether we were already well connected, or not yet, with a view to making a real connection or re-connection.

In the past week I’ve had live conversations with friends in the USA, via Zoom and Messenger, and with a good friend and colleague in India, via WhatsApp. And I have more lined up, in the USA, Canada and Australia.

And then a few mornings ago, although not part of my mentor-prompted project, I had a relaxed, lengthy and very enjoyable conversation with a close friend, Kris Gale, who is currently visiting my part of the world. We speak regularly by phone, but share a particular enjoyment with these occasional face to face meetups.

I’m liking this reconnecting, live, even if not in person.

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