Help With Choosing and Using Social Media Tools

A week in November dedicated to how to use social media tools for business

In some recent social media workshops I’ve been struck by how much appreciation there has been when we presenters have taken some trouble to explain and demonstrate how various social media tools work. Even down to basics like how you go about signing up for Twitter or Facebook or on other sites.
Social Media Tools Week
It’s made me realise how mysterious and even confusing some of these tools can be for people who are new to them.

Come November, there will be an excellent opportunity for people to learn, from a range of social media practitioners, how various tools work and how they can be used effectively in a business context.

Spread over five days, from November 16 to 21, the Social Media Tools Week will feature a program of keynote presentations and what are described as “career development sessions”. There is a detailed agenda on the event site.

And according to the web site “Early bird registration will get a free pass …”. I’ve registered, not just because I love free, which I do, but more importantly because it’s an impressive group of speakers, from whom I am confident I can learn lots.

A special feature of the programming is that the timetable has been devised so as to accommodate, as far as possible, a range of time zones from US, Latin America, and Europe, to Australia and parts of Asia. Nice one!

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