Connecting coaching and social media, announcing launch of weekly Twitter #coachchat discussion

Regular Twitter users will be aware that several Twitter hashtag chat streams have sprung up, including notably #blogchat about blogging of course, #journchat for journalists and self-explanatory #SmallBizChat.

Twitter hashtag discussion #coachchat buttonI floated with a few coaches the idea of a #coachchat and have a couple of dynamic people keen to proceed. So I’m launching #coachchat on Monday Aug 2, at 6 pm US Pacific time. Depending on how that goes, we could stay with that time or choose another.

Someone asked what my goal was in doing this.

The simplest way I can explain that is

It’s about hanging out with coaches who “get” social media and are happy to compare notes and share ideas and find people to follow on Twitter who are also coaches and seriously into social media.

Background is, in brief:

* Thomas Leonard said one of the things to do if you want to be a coach is to hang out with coaches
* I’m interested in hanging out with coaches who share my interest in engaging with one another and their various “audiences” with social media
* people on #blogchat share ideas, tips, resources about blogging and on #journchat about journalism
* people on #blogchat and probably on #journchat find like-minded people to follow on twitter
* people who participate in #coachchat can expect to do some questioning, sharing, finding and connecting
* by the way, I believe Thomas Leonard would have been a bigtime Twitter user and could have started something similar

How will you find #coachchat?

Twitter birdOne way is to go to and type in the word, with hashtag, #coachchat

There is no site as such for #coachchat – but see below for some ways to access aggregated info.

If you use TweetDeck or HootSuite and probably if you use Seesmic as your Twitter desktop aggregator, you will set up a #coachchat stream

You can also use tweetchat at – I found it moved too fast and made following the thread too difficult.

Some additional background

* initiator of #blogchat, @mackcollier , explains what #blogchat is about
* we can organize a transcript from each week’s session, at wthashtag
* we can have a list of participants (people use these lists to streamline the biz of finding like-minded, serious tweeps to follow) at Tweepml

All welcome

I don’t intend that the discussion thread be exclusive, not that technically that could be done, as far as I know, on Twitter: as well as coaches, people who are simply interested in the coach perspective will be very welcome.

Image credits: #coachchat button from Cooltext; Twitter icon from Smashing Magazine

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