As per my previous post, yesterday was the day for the Future of Media Summit 2008, held courtesy of a video linkup simultaneously in Sydney and Silicon Valley.

Event originator and organiser Ross Dawson has a “quick review” on the Summit blog and includes some links to reports of some of the discussions. On the same blog you will find reports of several discussions held during the day.

Brad Howarth was there and blogging live. Unlike my less than successful efforts a couple of times to live blog a conference, Brad’s posts from the event exemplify his journalist’s skill to live blog in complete sentences and nicely balanced paragraphs. He has three posts up, starting with Live From the Future of Media Summit 2008 and with clear links to Parts 2 and 3.

Seth Yates has an informative post at TechNation with his Future of Media Summary. Like Brad, Seth quotes Mark Pesce’s encapsulating observation that “there is a transition from time-based aggregation to salience-based aggregation, based on reputation and relationships.” I admit I had to read it twice to get it: now I like it and I expect I will be quoting it from time to time.

Ben Barren posted “live from a distance”, with characteristic whimsicality and a couple of barbs for the “syd 2.0 suit brigade”. His participation was courtesy of a couple of live streams which I could not get to work on the eee PC I’m relying on at present.

Gavin Heaton has an initial brief summary and includes some interesting observations on the activity during the day on the unofficial “back channel” on Twitter. You can read through the Twitsearch/Summize record of that conversation or collection of conversations clustered around the #fom tag. If you have the patience: I found the process of clicking back, page by page, to read the comment stream, somewhat tedious and not immensely rewarding. It was more interesting and not so taxing to keep an eye on the Twitstream during the day.

With hindsight, I wish I had picked up earlier on Gavin Heaton’s mention that he was using the CoverItLive tool to track the day’s discussions. He has just posted, about 30 minutes ago, his CoverItLive stream. Fascinating! One comment of Gavin’s that jumped out at me was

(Ross Dawson) … is talking convergence. I still think that “convergence” is not about technology but the convergence of business models. To me it is a new B2C — a merging of the B2B and B2C — Brand2Community.

As for CoverItLive, I recall that I tried to use it when it first appeared, but without much joy. Just had another look and have signed up for an account. Maybe I’ll give live blogging at events another go!

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