Ready to Get Serious About LinkedIn?

It’s not so long ago that when I attended a business function or other occasion and LinkedIn was mentioned, business people present would make it clear that that was at best a boring topic of conversation.

There has been a decided shift. It’s now moved to “I really must do something about LinkedIn”, or “I have a LinkedIn profile but I don’t understand …..” – and that “don’t understand” can cover a range of challenges to taking LinkedIn seriously.

In my previous post here I wrote about my new Linked Intensive 14 day program designed to help move from “I really must…” to “I’m rocking LinkedIn.”

Now, to get the word out more widely, I have made this short video. If you could share it I will be most grateful. And without wanting to be immodest, I believe those who pick up on it and register for my program will be grateful too!


More information and registration here.

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