Basic social media platforms image shows icons for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Google Plus and YouTube

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  1. Helpful list, Des! If I were creating a “Big 6” list, these are the ones I’d pick as well. I would also add that you shouldn’t feel compelled to master all 6 of these, either at once or ever. Better to pick the 2 or 3 that work well for you, and that suit you, than try to scattershot all of them. Some people just hate Twitter, for instance–those people should focus their efforts elsewhere. It’s all about picking your marketing targets and hitting them consistently.

    1. Thanks Jen. I hear what you say about the 2 or 3 and there would be circumstances where I’d go along with that. 

      On the other hand, it seems there could be a correlation between degree of influence and number of social networking or new media platforms one is engaged on. An article by Haydn Shaunessy in Forbes earlier this year said the top influencers are across, on average, 10.5 such channels: 

      And I’m not really saying one should “master” a whole lot: more about being present. 

      On the question of not using the platforms you don’t like, I have to ask, what if your target market is predominantly or at least significantly there? Isn’t that missing an opportunity? “Fish where the fish are” etc?

      1. I like you mentioned a Blog here in this list Des. It’s important to have a social business home. I think it also helps to include a Website in this list (i.e. another good business home). A good website can help introduce and integrate the blogging activities and the business taking place on these other platforms you mentioned — plus help with noting wherever else you happen to go (i.e. platform) and for whatever good reasons you end up there. 

        I’ve also noticed even if you choose just 1-2 of the 6 platforms you mentioned to focus efforts. The list still grows quickly and usually immediately no matter how focused you want to be. Like you mentioned this growth is most often driven by what is going on with your business and the people interested in your business.  –Thanks

  2. Couldn’t agree more, Des. Even with these 6 I’m finding that G+ gets less of my time and attention than others – although I’m trying to keep as close an eye on it as possible with the search implications. I think it’s also worth adding a great bookmarking service in there like delicious, digg etc. We all have a social media number in terms of the number of platforms we can engage with – and for me it all comes down to where your audience and consumers are. At the end of the day you need to be engaging on their terms and in their networks.

  3. Ran across this post today and it resounds well with me. These are my 6 of choice as well. I find I can handle this much… most of the time.  While I have a Pinterest account, I’m not actively pinning… yet!  And I see you have the option for folks to pin. Have you added that because it’s new or because it’s working for you? Just curious, you know!

    1. Thanks Jackie. About the pin option – I like to give people choices and if someone wants to pin a post of mine I’m only too happy for that to happen.

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