pelogo140The main news for my company and me in the past week was the announcement of my appointment as social media release PitchEngine’s Manager for Australia and New Zealand.

The announcement was, of course, via a PitchEngine social media release. A feature of the release is that it came not from PitchEngine HQ in the USA, but from Guangzhou, China based company CFM which is the base of operations for PitchEngine Asia. The full release includes a link to a 14 minute conversation about the announcement, between my Guangzhou-based colleague, CFM Chief Exec Lonnie B. Hodge, and me.

You can also read the full release from the box below: note the “full screen” button for greater ease of reading.

Having spent hours in the past, constructing social media releases manually, I really love the ease and speed of the process with PitchEngine, as well as all sorts of other great features. So representing PitchEngine in my part of the world is a pretty cool thing to be able to do.

(More about PitchEngine, in a recent post on my Thinking Home Business blog)

If you have any questions about how PitchEngine works and how it might help your business or organization, please ask – in the comments or, more privately, on the contact page: if I don’t have the answer I’ll make sure we get an answer from someone who does.

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