Business and Blogging Site Turns Two

It was a surprise – a pleasant one I must add – to discover today that Business and Blogging, the site I launched for the b5media network, had celebrated its 2nd birthday this week.

Business and Blogging screenshot

Liz Fuller and Laura Spencer, who took over from me and started posting in January this year, have done and are doing a great job in keeping the blog going.

It has a very respectable Technorati rank of 176 (approximately – today the ranking has been variously 175, 176, 174), so as well as wishing a Happy Second Birthday to Business and Blogging, this post is by way of a hat tip to Liz and Laura. I like particularly the practicality of their posts.

From the outset I’d seen Business and Blogging as providing practical, helpful information and tips for real life business people wanting to use their blogs to help grow their businesses.  Which is why the original sub-title I devised for the blog was “how blogs work for business”.

I like the current version better: “Making your blog work for your business”. More to the point, more action-oriented, more focused on you the reader.

Here’s to more successful years for Business and Blogging!

And if there are things you would like to know, topics you would like featured, Liz and Laura have asked for suggestions.

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