Social Media Show Re-boot with Francois Planque Interview

It’s nearly a year now since I was inspired to set up a podcast site focusing on social media and nearly nine months since I actually set it up as the Social Media Show and did my first interview.

Being at BlogWorld & New Media Expo the other week motivated me to get the site moving again, which I’ve done by way of an interview with Francois Planque of b2evolution.

It was a surprise to me to learn that the b2evolution blogging platform and WordPress are forks of the same open source platform b2.

I was interested particularly in what Francois had to say about the usefulness of b2 evolution for those of us who have more than one blog and also for its multi-lingual capability.

It’s one platform I have not used and, curious as I am, right now I just don’t see myself having the time to experiment. If you use it or have used it, or know someone who has and you would care to comment, that would be great.

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