My good intentions to post about the ad:tech conference here in Beijing this week have been dented by:

  • the abundance of things to see and experience for someone who has never been to this part of the world before
  • some challenges with internet access.

And with only a day and a half to go and some serious sightseeing still planned, I doubt I’ll be doing much blogging, at least before I hit Shanghai tomorrow night. And then there will be more sightseeing.

In the meantime, for some observations on ad:tech Beijing, see Eddie Choi’s post What Else, What’s New. Unfortunately I missed his B2B session, which I was hoping to catch: I had to do some last-minute re-working of the slides I had prepared beforehand for the session I was moderating, on blogging (the title indicated it was about creating a social networking platform, but it was really focused on corporate blogging).

Des at Great Wall

On the Great Wall, Mutianyu section, northeast of Beijing

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