Now Trying the MyJournal WordPress Theme

My trial of the Anaconda theme was short-lived. Although I do like the look of it and can see that it has had serious work put into it, there were a few problems which I was not able to solve. No doubt someone more skilled than I on the coding side (in other words, someone marginally skilled), could have figured it out. I was at first encouraged by the fact that the people generating the theme had a forum, I found on closer examination that there seemed to have been little if any activity lately on the forum.

Earlier in the weekend I had tried the MyJournal theme from Blogosquare. The download came with some very helpful instructions for installing the theme and implementing various of its features.

It’s a different look, not as corporate as Anaconda or WP-Andreas09, but I quite like it.

And I quite like the buttons that facilitate an instant translation into one of several languages

What persuaded me to give MyJournal another try was that the author, 18 year old Hans from Mauritius, responded very quickly and helpfully when I sent him a comment about a couple of the challenges I was having with getting the theme to work. It’s important for me with this technology to be able to ask someone a question and get, reasonably promptly, an answer I can comprehend. Not a trivial ask, as many of these developers create and tweak these themes for love and I am sure get a bit overwhelmed with requests from time to time.

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  1. thanks for the kind word. Now you know where to find me, no knocking at forum doors, just shoot me a mail and I’ll get back to you as quick as possible to troubleshoot things.

    Do tell me whether you need the secondary level for displaying pages and I’ll just tweak the stylesheet for you 🙂

    Hope you did like the blogroll 🙂

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