Three juicy bites this week:

  • 7 Ways to Use Social Media Organically for Prospecting
  • Why you may see even less reach for your Facebook page
  • Is our social media terminology about to change?

 Plus Derisking the AI worker (and that doesn’t mean the human who works with the robots)

And repeat call for nominations to be Featured Reader.

7 Ways To Organically Use Social Media For Prospecting

Forbes Business Development Council

Social media has become one of the most important sales and marketing tools for today’s companies. You can draw in and convert a lot of new leads with timely, relevant social posts. But your approach to creating and sharing content matters: If your posts feel overly sales-oriented and not organic or authentic, you won’t get very far with potential customers.


Facebook’s Changing the Way Page Reach is Displayed, Which Could See Your Numbers Drop

Andrew Hutchinson

Hey, remember how Facebook announced that they would be changing how the News Feed works which would likely result in a drop in your Page reach? Turns out that’s not the only measure that could see your reach decline – this week, Facebook has confirmed another change, this time to their reporting methodology, which could also result in you seeing fewer impressions.


Is Our Social Media Terminology About to Change?

Christina Moravec

“She does social media,” is the go-to introduction my friends bestow on me at parties. In 2018, in a world where many of my millennial friends have more captivating Instagram accounts than me, this introduction sound about as impressive as, “She Googles real good.”
Who doesn’t?

Derisking the AI Worker

Michele Goetz

When you get over the fear of a robot taking over your job – because if you see our robots today they are still pretty dumb – your next big concern is how these new workers are going to perform. It’s not just a training question, it’s a management question.

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