One of several really interesting social mediasphere events scheduled to happen between now and the end of the year is the Social Media University, which is being produced by Social Media Club and hosted at the Sheraton Orlando Downtown Hotel from November 10-12th, 2010 (with social activities planned for November 13th).

Unfortunately I don’t look like being able to attend, although this is an event I would really love to be part of.

(UPDATE: Social Media University event has been postponed)

As well as being a collaborative, learning-focused event, it will also be the 1st Annual Conference of Social Media Club, which now comprises some 230 local chapters around the globe.

The list of featured speakers is very impressive – I would even say formidable, (in a nice way).

I just know it’s going to be a memorable event with lots of great knowledge-sharing and no doubt more than a few Aha! moments along the way. I can say with complete assurance that this will be a no-hype event, combining high aims with a down-to-earth approach to implementation.

And knowing as I do some of the key people, I have a pretty good idea the social side will be most enjoyable too!

Discount tickets are available through October 1st: just $395 for Professional (dues paying) Members of Social Media Club, and $500 for Non Members! (Current annual fee for Professional membership, with no separate joining fee, is $100).

Social Media University, Orlando, Fl, Nov 2010

The Twitter hashtag is #smu2010

(Disclosure: as regular readers will know but others could not be expected to, I am a member of Social Media Club – I do not receive any financial benefit from signups for the event.)

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