I’m seriously considering writing a new, basic ebook on business blogging. I have a basic outline, and am keen to get some input from others.

I’m even open to the idea that my outline – see below – could be completely re-jigged. If possible, I’d like to get that clear before I do a lot of writing.

The concept is for a basic, entry level guide for non-techies

This ebook would be primarily for professional services companies where the principals see some value in the idea of a blog but are not sure what is involved or how to get started.

That was fundamentally the idea behind my 2005-06 ebook 7 Step Business Blog. Occasional updates of that ebook proved eventually inadequate to keep up with all the changes in the online business environment, so I stopped selling it but have kept it available as a free download.

Is there still value in business blogging?

Obviously the online world has changed dramatically.

Back in February 2006 when 7 Step Business Blog was first published, Facebook was still ten months away from being opened up to the general public and Twitter had not been born. The 5 million members LinkedIn had racked up at that stage looks positively puny now, compared to the current figure of over 100 million.

So, has the growth of Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and all the rest made blogging irrelevant, or at least less relevant for business?

I don’t believe so.

In fact, I see it as a key part of a social media strategy for many if not most businesses.

First I want to get clear on an outline

My current outline includes the following list of possible chapter headings:

  • Know why you are blogging (business purpose)
  • Think strategically – and “socially” (blog as part of broader social business strategy)
  • Set up your blog (using WordPress.org – noting other platforms available)
  • Start blogging (drafting, posting, tagging, using video etc)
  • Build connections (comment on other blogs, cross link to Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Optimize your blog (search engine optimization basics)
  • Monitor and measure (in relation to business purpose)

Suggestions welcome!

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