Andrea J. Lee and Wealthy Thought Leader Event

Andrea LeeWay back in early 2007, at a conference in San Francisco, I met a dynamic young woman, Andrea J. Lee, who was at that time General Manager of a coaching organization to which I belong, Coachville.  Since then, Andrea has written books, run events and shown many business owners new and productive ways of looking at and promoting their businesses.

One thing that makes Andrea stand out from the crowd is that she is singularly inventive in identifying ways in which other businesses can stand out from the crowd. And in showing them how to monetize that. Ever since I have known her and no doubt before that, Andrea has been passionate about helping businesses be profitable and sustainable.

At the end of this month, from September 30 to October 2, again in San Francisco, Andrea will be hosting the Wealthy Thought Leader Live Event, with a worldwide video simulcast for the benefit of people who want to participate but for one reason or another can’t get to San Francisco for the live version.

Just over a week ago I interviewed Andrea about the event and what participants could expect to learn.

While the interview, as below,  is intended to help promote my friend and colleague Andrea’s event (which would also benefit me directly as an affiliate for the event), it also contains some insights and tips which many business owners will find valuable in their own right.

Such as:

  • playing it safe is not really safe any more (nice paradox)
  • quality is the best business plan
  • do you have something amazing to say?
  • how we can earn the right to raise our prices  (and have people happy to pay)
  • examples of how some basic service businesses can be transformed by some “thought leader” thinking

Here is the interview, to listen here or download to your own device:

(Update, Dec 2012: I regret that, in the process of transferring some files from one server to another, the interview with Andrea has been mislaid – I’ll keep looking and hope to restore it here in due course.)

And here is the link to the Wealthy Thought Leader event and simulcast .

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