When I hear blogging experts say that anyone who is serious about blogging for business should be blogging at least once a day, I don’t know whether to be indignant or cringe. Indignant because I think it’s one of those rules or declarations that beg a lot of questions and should not be allowed to stand as if their basis is self-evident. Cringing because I don’t do it and as far as I know never have, but only cringing for a second or so, because I am nevertheless comfortable with being seen, and seeing myself, as being a professional blogger.

But there is a big difference between not blogging every day and not blogging for weeks.  And in the past few weeks I have allowed a whole lot of other commitments to take precedence over blogging.

On my Thinking Home Business blog I posted an imaginary conversation with readers about all this.

G’day all!

What do you mean, g’day all? Where’ve you been? Haven’t seen you round here for a couple of weeks, at least.

Erm, I’ve been doing some social networking.

Social networking?

Yes, on Twitter.


The apology and resolve to do better, embedded in that post, apply here too.

Back in blogging action!

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Des Walsh is a business coach and social media strategist. He helps owners of small and medium business meet confidently the special challenges of this age of rapid transformation, deliver great results and stay balanced and happy in the process. Des has been actively engaged for over 20 years in promoting the business opportunities of the digital economy, is a certified specialist in social media strategy, a blogger, podcaster and co-author of the best-selling book LinkedIn for Recruiting.

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