Launching New Talk Show on BlogTalkRadio

“Des Walsh & Friends” show to launch on BlogTalkRadio

I’ve been thinking for a while now about having another go at starting my own show on BlogTalkRadio and when I checked my account there yesterday I was a bit startled to realize that the last effort was a couple of years ago.

In the meantime I have endeavoured with my China-based colleague, Lonnie Hodge, to put out a regular show about China, China Conversations, but our efforts on that particular platform, while successful to a degree, were thwarted technically: much as we loved the basic BlogTalkRadio setup and the terrific support from the BlogTalkRadio people, we were too often in a situation where we could not deliver the episode of the day satisfactorily.

But I know that the system can work perfectly well from here in Australia, so there is no obstacle to my getting back to having my own show. Short story, I’m launching, or re-launching, my own show.

The question then was, what would be the focus of the show?

Social media? From a quick search it was evident that there was no shortage of shows about social media on BTR.

And frankly I did not want to restrict the range of topics to social media, much as I love the topic.

So what sort of a show would it be? After some cogitation and mind-mapping, I realised that what I really wanted to do was to chat with friends and colleagues, from the social media field certainly, but also more widely – business, government, the arts, literature, politics.

That felt good.

And thus was born the Des Walsh & Friends show, as a weekly show, a mixture of chat and interviews on a range of topics with a range of friends.

The show launches just under 9 hours from now, November 29, 1 pm US Pacific time, 4 pm US Eastern, and 6 am November 30 Queensland time in Australia. I don’t mind the early start as it’s unlikely the leaf blowers will have been fired up at that hour.

This is how I’ve described the show:

Des Walsh & Friends is a chat + interview show with an eclectic mix of Des’s friends, from social media, business, government, the arts and other fields of interest and endeavour.

I’m starting the show on the basis of having 30 minute episodes and will see how that goes.

My guests on the first episode will be San Francisco based Carlos Hernandez,  a great enthusiast for social media in business, and his business partner, Megan A. Bourne. Carlos and Megan participated in recent days in the Twitter-focused 140 Characters Conference , in Los Angeles, and I’m keen to hear how all that went. I’m hoping also to get some sharing from Carlos of his experience of BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago.

This has all been put in motion pretty quickly, so I’m not expecting a huge audience, but the show will be recorded for the benefit of anyone who wants to download it and listen at their leisure. If you’re around, do drop in.

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