Ross Dawson, Future Exploration Network: Interview

To wrap up from the various interviews with speakers and workshop facilitators I’ve been posting here from the recent Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum, I’m pleased to be able to post this interview with the event’s instigator, impresario, convenor and chairman of proceedings, Ross Dawson, CEO of Future Exploration Network.

This interview was done just after the formalities concluded for the day.

At the event blog, Ross has reported in detail on coverage of the event. A few key posts are:

Presentations at Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum – part 1

Presentations at Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum – part 2

Presentations at Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum – part 3

Several slide presentations from the day are embedded on the site and there are links to others.

There is also a post summarizing the Future Exploration Network report released on the day, Implementing Enterprise 2.0. I hope to get around to doing a review of the report here soon. My immediate reaction on a first, admittedly quick read was that this report will be a boon for many executives, consultants and others working in the Enterprise 2.0 space. I certainly intend to put my copy to good use!

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