Mick Liubinskas, Pollenizer: Interview

At Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum the other week, one of the people I wanted to interview on video was Mick Liubinskas of Pollenizer. We started, but a camera glitch put a stop to that. Instead I was able to interview Mick later via Skype audio, as below.

Online or offline, Mick Liubinskas is one of those people you are always glad to see. He is both visionary and very practical.

And he is part of the team at Pollenizer.

I find Pollenizer a very interesting company. Very basically, it combines the capabilities of a management team with an offshore (India) development team. But there is more to them than that. These are very savvy folks.

You’ll get a better idea of what they do and how they do it by having a browse around their website.

For those who want the bullet points, their “service summary” is as follows:

  • CxO level SWAT team;
  • Strategy, technology and marketing;
  • Planning with a strong execution focus;
  • Web and mobile;
  • Consumer and enterprise;
  • Part-time, full-time or project-based;
  • Fee, equity, performance-based or combination;
  • Idea, prototype, growing, seed, VC, existing business.

Here’s the interview with Mick, where we talk about a few items, including:

  • what Pollenizer is and does
  • how even in the current, economically challenging times, some companies will grow and thrive
  • some shared reflections on what we heard at E2EF.

If you think Mick and his team at Pollenizer just might be able to help you, call him. He really is as approachable – and as on the ball – as he sounds.

Listen to the interview here.

Photo of Mick Liubinskas by Des Walsh: some rights reserved

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