Happy Canada Day!

I know there are lots of Canadian bloggers and in endeavouring to list a few here I may well be omitting people I should reasonably have thought of. If so, I do hope you will leave a comment and the link to your blog.

Here are some I’ve thought of or have been suggested.

Tris Hussey at Maple Leaf 2.0 – Technology and Web 2.0 News in Canada (Update 2011: this blog seems to no longer exist)

Glenda Watson Hyatt – The Left Thumb Blogger

Sherman Hu, master of online marketing, at ShermanLive.com

Leesa Barnes – online marketer and Podcasting diva

John Guise – Canadian Expat in Shanghai – One Eyed Panda’s Journal

Laurie Hayes at the HBB Connection

Happy reading! Happy Canada Day, fellow bloggers, readers and subscribers, and all – I appreciate you!

In my Vancouver, Canada t-shirt and cap: photo copyright by Suzie Cheel 2008

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4 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day!”

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  3. Thanks Des! BTW, very cool T and cap! Looks good on ya eh?

    Your Canadian pal,
    Laurie H.

  4. You’re awesome, Des! Thanks for the amazing blog post to help us Canucks celebrate our amazing Canada Day with you and other Canadian bloggers.

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