Ni Hao from Oz: edited

Whoops! this was meant to be a private page, not a post. Apologies if you have come here expecting something interesting. I’m editing it rather than deleting it, so as to provide a little less confusion.

Des Walsh

Business coach and digital entrepreneur. With coach training from and its Graduate School of Coaching, and a founding member of the International Association of Coaching, Des has been coaching business owners and entrepreneurs for the past 20 years. Over the same period he has also been actively engaged in promoting the business opportunities of the digital economy. He is a certified Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) coach, and a certified specialist in social media strategy and affiliate marketing.

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  1. This is ‘whoops!” indeed. I questioned myself what could be better for starting the fellowship than the hearty Hi? And that was the simplicity that marks the private posts. I am so glad for you didn’t delete your post. Hi, let edit it (our life) together – let have a fellowship.

  2. Tomas
    Thank you. The underlying document was an audio report, with me reading out selections from a newspaper supplement. I was putting it on the site for the convenience of colleagues in China, but inadvertently posted it as a post not a page (I see you have a WordPress site so you appreciate the distinction). There was nothing particularly sensitive in my reading or comments, more that anyone for whom it was not intended would probably have been somewhat mystified.

    My first inclination on realising the mistake was to “pull”, i.e. delete the post. Then I remembered being at a seminar where someone pointed out that, because the post is already “out there”, with directories, RSS feeds etc, having a “page not found” result on a search is not a good look.

    So for anyone new reading what is here, I hope you’r not disappointed, because I’m still happy to extend the greeting “Ni Hao” = “g’day” from “Oz”=”Australia”! Just without the 20 minutes of my reading from a newspaper supplement. 🙂

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