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“It has been my pleasure to have Des as my business coach for the past 11 years. Des combines all the fundamentals of a good coach – expert knowledge; clear manner; guidance and suggestion rather than didactic instruction – with a leading edge knowledge of the way social media can improve my business. He is a trusted colleague and a key part of the continued success of my firm.”
Kris Gale, Chairman, Michael Johnson & Associates

“Des Walsh brings an enormous depth of wisdom and insight to his work with individuals and organisations. He is able to see way beyond boundaries and limitations, with a lifetime of experience enabling him to help you combine big visions, dreams and goals with pragmatic business and lifestyle management.”   
Catherine Palin-Brinkworth International speaker, author, consultant, mentor at Progress Productions

“Over 10 years and many projects I have witnessed how Des works to make the pie bigger. He is driven by rare collaborative motivations, broad-ranging knowledge, business process skills (eg in research, writing, IT and communication), and bringing these in touch with opportunities and people. Des makes the pie bigger for his clients, collaborators and friends to have a larger slice.”
Noric Dilanchian IP Lawyer and Commercialisation Specialist

“If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, you know that the rapidly changing environment of social business can be hard to engage with and to keep track of efficiently. The costs of ignoring the social media side of your business are increasingly dear.

“Des Walsh provides assistance with developing your social media strategy, and further supports you with practical business coaching to ensure your strategies stay aligned, up-to-date, and matched to your growth. He’s a global leader in this new area, but his business acumen has been developed over years, and is both deep and wide. Which means that your social media strategy won’t be just “tacked on”. Instead, it will integrate with and enhance your other strategies for business success.”
Joan Johnson, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching & Organizational Development

“I’ve known Des since the early 2000s but never had the pleasure of meeting him in person because we are on opposite sides of the world. That hasn’t stopped me from benefiting from his vast body of knowledge.

“Contact with Des means enrichment and growth in your business. Soft spoken and articulate with the patience of a saint, Des leads you down a path of learning that creates success for your business and keeps you on track along the way.”
Denise O’Berry, Small Business Expert.

“Des is one of those rare individuals that generates warmth and charisma by simply being who he is. I’ve worked with Des on multiple projects and consistently find him professional, knowledgeable and above all somebody with the highest morals and integrity. I welcome the opportunity of working with him in any project he is involved in and few people have impressed me as Des has. I am proud to call him a friend and would recommend him as somebody to know and work with without hesitation.” 
Bill Vick Headhunter Coach

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