This is not just a question of changing skillset. It is a changing of mindset.

Julie Dodd, The New Reality

The Future We’re In

With the rapid expansion of automation, from the factory and office to the home, and the impact everywhere of artificial intelligence – the “rise of the robots” – the digitization of the world around us, including the world of business, is moving a whole lot faster than many of us might be comfortable with.

In fact, it scares a lot of people.

Others of us, while acknowledging the risks, recognize the challenge and relish that.

Because the digital age is not going away: it’s extremely hard to imagine any area of business that is not affected, or about to be. As business owners, as citizens of the world, we all need to learn to swim in this sea and teach others to do so. Not just to survive, but to thrive.

And the key to tackling the many challenges of this digital business life we are in, is – I strongly believe – to continue to learn and grow as people – to be evolving as the best version of ourselves, to be willing to change and be changed.

My Digital Dream, Plus Spirituality and Personal Growth

Two of my main preoccupations for a whole lot of years now have been:

  • to create or discover a business I could do online, location-independent, and paying well enough to allow me to travel frequently and in comfort – what many now call the laptop lifestyle
  • to continue to learn and to grow as a person, including crucially my spiritual life, my relationships and  my contribution to society

For a long time I thought of those two preoccupations as rather separate, at least in terms of what I focused on, and how I focused, on a daily basis.

Only recently I become aware that there is in fact a strong connection, conceptually and in practice, between meeting the challenges of the digitization of business and growing – spiritually, intellectually, emotionally – as an individual person and a member of society.

That growing awareness became much clearer when, late last year, I was preparing a keynote on Artificial Intelligence and the future of coaching, for the December 2017 conference of the International Association of Coaching, held in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

As I told my fellow coaches there, I had come to realize that, to survive and thrive as coaches (and even just as people) in this digital business life, we need to focus intently on becoming “better than a robot”, i.e. becoming better people, more human, whole, in every respect.

The Business Platform That Brought it All Together For Me

At the same time as I was engaged in research, discussion with experts, and a lot of thinking, in preparation for that December 2017 presentation in Colombo, I was looking for some inspiration about choosing a fresh direction or focus in my business life.

It was not that I was bored with executive coaching. Far from it – I love coaching. But in terms especially of lifestyle prospects and future financial security, I wanted something more.

I’d had enough experience of both bad and good business ventures to be at the same time cautious so I did not get burnt again and optimistic that something would emerge.

So when I was shown an online business platform with an affiliate marketing program, using attraction marketing via social media, I was cautious but – happily as it turned out – open to seeing whether this was what I’d been seeking.

It was – and is – that, and more.

Because what had been shown to me, and what I embraced as a dream come true, was

  • a business platform with
  • a high level of advanced, user-friendly automation
  • a compelling product offering and high quality training
  • a supportive, spiritually minded community,
  • dedicated to growing as people and
  • making a positive contribution to the world.

 A Commitment to Personal Growth is Integral to the Business Model

With this community, the whole personal development aspect is not just an “add on”, a “feature”, an optional extra.

It’s the “secret sauce” of a business that at first glance might look like a number of other online businesses.

(As an aside, I’m partly amused and partly sorry for the people who look cursorily at this business and say “Oh, I’ve seen this sort of thing before”, when I know they haven’t, because I’ve seen them all and tested many, and I know this is new, disruptive and brilliant.)

In brief, I have partnered with

  • a reliable, scaleable, genuinely user-friendly online affiliate marketing platform,
  • using advanced automation, and
  • attraction marketing via social media,
  • having a supportive global community, and
  • outstanding leadership, with
  • products I can be proud of and
  • where I can learn and earn well
  • without exhausting myself or in any way compromising my values.

What’s not to love?

And for those who might think, “Oh, that can’t be for me because I’m not technical and/or don’t understand social media”, there is comprehensive training from basic to advanced, and ongoing support.

In fact, in some ways I think the people who join us saying they don’t have that prior knowledge have an advantage, because they are open to learning and are not stuck in old paradigms of online marketing.

The training is also great for those who want a refresher and update – social media changes so fast!

What does all this mean for me? It means my new reality is a dream laptop lifestyle, lived in full integrity and spiritual harmony, with the capacity to help many people shed their financial worries and live a fuller, healthier, more integrated life.

Inviting Leaders

I’m currently gathering a group of action-taking entrepreneurs with higher level values to work with our team, helping one another and building our own businesses in the process.

In other words, I’m inviting “leaders in waiting”, who willcatch the vision of what’s here and what we are creating, and step up to be part of that.

If that sounds like you, just message me with “Tell me more”, on the Contact page.

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