How Web 2.0 Creates Value in the Enterprise: Interview

Stan Relihan is well known in LinkedIn circles for being very highly connected and has established a podcast show which is named very appropriately The Connections Show.

‘Connections’ is a 20-minute weekly audio podcast on the Art of Business Networking.

The latest in a growing list of very knowledgeable and highly articulate people in the social networking/social media space to be interviewed by Stan is leading futurist, author, speaker and new media strategist Ross Dawson.

The wide-ranging conversation touches on:

  • how to use Web 2.0 tools to create value within and for organizations
  • collaborative filtering as a networking strategy
  • why social networks are fundamental for business
  • social media as “the future of the organization”
  • how social media can be used to build differentiation and value

I usually listen to podcasts once. I’ve listened twice so far to this one and will probably listen again as I’ve already picked up gems I missed the first time around.

Also on the Connections Show site there are links to some excellent resources developed by Ross Dawson’s company and which are offered free of charge.

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3 thoughts on “How Web 2.0 Creates Value in the Enterprise: Interview”

  1. Networking is paramount to finding good people to build a business. Stan Relihan seems to be a guru at this (which reminds me of a connector who gave a speech about networking at Blog World Expo). Thanks for the great links.

  2. Yes, networking is very important.Web2.0 and social sites make a good ground for creating and maintaining these contacts.After you get trust you will get traffic and sales.

  3. Excellent post. Thanks for the great information. I was recently at a seminar (this would be October, 2007) where the speakers indicated, “Web 2.0 will be dead in six months….”

    Yeah. Right.

    Again, excellent post. Thanks for sharing.

    Kind regards,
    Susanna Stall

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