Dr Jennifer Frahm is a seriously accomplished change manager, communications professional, speaker, author, coach, and facilitator. Her professional experience includes change management, marketing and communication roles within a diverse array of industries and sectors. Recently she published her new book Conversations of Change: A guide to implementing workplace change.

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What we discussed

Conversations of Change, by Dr Jennifer Frahm

We covered a bit of territory. Topics we discussed included:

  • How and why Jennifer got into change management
  • The challenge for today’s corporate leaders in how they lead change.
  • The book – writing, publishing and marketing it
  • The fascinating (for me) “Adventures” framework, different ways of navigating through change, which Jennifer created for the book
  • Starting with the end in mind and also being open to unanticipated developments
  • In-house resources vs hiring in
  • Fads in change management & how to tell useful ones from the sprinkling of fairy dust
  • Future of Work methodologies
  • Feedback from readers and brown paper parcels (you have to listen for this, no spoiler here)
  • The crucial importance of leadership for any change process

A couple of gems

Before the book was written:

My most frequent request on my website goes along the lines of “Help! I’ve just been put in charge of leading this major organisational change…and I don’t know where to start. I’ve got onto Google and i’m so confused”.

Änd later in the conversation:

If you go onto Google, or Amazon, to look for guidance in change management, you’re going to be guided by those who have the best SEO

Get the Book!

I thought I knew a fair bit about change, before I read the book. Then I discovered how much more there was to learn! As the blurb on the book and website says: A “must read” for those new to change, a “should read” for those who want to improve how they do it.


More About Dr Jennifer Frahm and How to Contact Her

Jennifer graduated from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) with a Bachelor of Business Management and Communication, plus QUT Medal. Her PhD is also from QUT, her thesis being on “The impact of change communication on change receptivity”.

Website: Conversations of Change

Twitter: Dr Jen Frahm @jenfrahm

Facebook: Jennifer Frahm

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