For Business Success, Love What You Do: Sharon Williams

Founder & CEO, Taurus Marketing

Sharon Williams, CEO Taurus MarketingSharon Williams founded Taurus Marketing, an integrated PR, marketing and social media agency in 1995 and created the unique TaurusBullseye™ methodology in building businesses for entrepreneurs. Sharon is a pioneer in the Australian agency industry, one of the youngest Fellows of the PRIA. Taurus has assisted over 1000 clients from smart entrepreneurs to Top ASX companies.

Sharon has worked in marketing and PR for over 25 years in London, Europe, Hong Kong, throughout Asia and Sydney. She is an international speaker presenting on a broad range of Marketing, PR, Social media, business and lifestyle issues and has previously presented for over 250 organisations including MLC, BRW, CPA and UTS, amongst many others. She is an Ambassador for Advance, the largest global network of high achieving Australians, a member of the Cook Society, serving council member on the Australian British Chamber, an adjunct professor for the University of Notre Dame, lecturer at Macquarie University, retired Chair of The CEO Institute and an Ambassador for children’s charity Good Beginnings.

Sharon commentates on broadcast and print media and is often featured in the Australian Financial Review, Sky Business News, SBS, Channel Seven, Nine and Ten and ABC radio and was voted by Smart Company as one of the Top 25 business bloggers 2011 for her resident SME blog on NineMSN. She is a marketing and SME expert on Kochie’s Business Builders TV show.

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Secrets of Success

Sharon’s initial answer, when I asked her the secret or secrets of her success, being still in business and thriving 20 years on when other companies have come and gone, was “I tend not to think of success. I tend to think of life.”

She then shared her four key business success factors:

  • Have good advisors around you – great mentors
  • Always have a strong handle on the financials (invaluable advice shared on this)
  • Love what you do
  • Sign up new business (or the business will die)

Snippets from the conversation

On loving what you do

If people asked, “What would you do if you won Lotto?”: “I would absolutely get up and come to work.”
On change and especially in communication technology

“Every year of my career I have something new to play with. That keeps us young and innovating, because we’re constantly getting new things to play with in the marketing business world, certainly with the advent of social media, and now apps, and the rise of the mobile phone. There’s always something new to learn and some new platform to be able to experiment with and to make the most of.”

A key lesson from working with entrepreneurial leaders

“It’s the people around you that will make or break your business.”

About working with young people, especially Millennials (Gen Y)

Sharon talked with enthusiasm about her Taurus FastTrack™ programs. The process is designed to take young people through who don’t want to be constricted by large corporates, or even by large agencies. The feedback Sharon has is the people going through this program find themselves doing things their peers elsewhere don’t get to do for years.

The challenge of the intergenerational workforce phenomenon of our times and the clue to success in the different generations working together is for the participants to have mutual respect.

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  1. Having a business isn’t that easy. You will have to take things step by step. Providing on Sharon’s story, she managed to take the business to its success. She will inspire lots of women to take on their next step to be an entrepreneur.

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