Typepad has great features for business blogging and no shortage of success stories

Here’s a paradox:

  • yesterday I posted on Thinking Home Business about how to set up a WordPress.org blog
  • I use WordPress as the platform for most of my blogs
  • but I freely recommend Typepad as a serious option for business blogs.

WordPress is not the only option

I’m willing to risk occasioning some confusion, because while the WordPress technology is amazing, I don’t want to even think about how long it took me to get comfortable with installing and managing WordPress sites. In fact, I’m still having challenges and still learning. So I worry that non-technical people in small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) will too quickly lose patience with WordPress and may give up altogether on the idea of using blogging for their business.

Typepad for a fast start

typepadThat’s where Typepad comes into its own. Because a total newbie with a credit card and without any prior technical knowledge can be up and running with a Typepad blog literally in minutes. There is also a 30 free trial period which means that there is no direct financial cost if for any reason a decision is made that the platform does not suit. If you don’t want to proceed you just email Typepad before the month is up and your card is not charged.

As I say in my e-book, 7 Step Business Blog,

The Typepad blogging platform is a product of SixApart, a company owned by very knowledgeable technical people who have been blogging for a long time. Typepad is designed to be very user-friendly and is easy to get started on. There are many excellent business blogs running on Typepad and if you choose to start with it you will be able to get quickly into posting content, rather than having to fiddle with the setup or configuration.

Successful bloggers and their Typepad blogs

I often tell people that, however much they may have heard about WordPress as the ne plus ultra of blogging platforms, there are some very successful bloggers using Typepad who would have a quite different view.

One of the best known bloggers on Typepad would have to be the marketing wizard and author, Seth Godin. The archives on Seth’s Blog go back to 2002 and for as long as I can recall the blog has been on Typepad.

Another dynamic blogger, marketing expert Valeria Maltoni, has her Conversation Agent blog on Typepad.

J.D. Iles, held up by a number of commentators as a model small business blogger, has his Signs Never Sleep blog on Typepad.

Artist + geek John T. Unger‘s virtuoso performance in building his awesome site John T. Unger Studio on Typepad is particularly worth studying by anyone who doubts what might be achievable with Typepad.  I had the pleasure of being on a panel with John at last year’s BlogWorld Expo.

And for a dynamic, uplifting and generally smile-inducing example of how Typepad can serve a community hub site, check out the Spirited Woman site.

Different platforms will suit different needs.

Typepad doesn’t have to prove itself. It’s  an excellent platform and service and should be better known.

And for those who may find after a while that Typepad lacks some features they would like, there is the more powerful, enterprise level member of the same stable, the legendary Movable Type.

If you would like to share some more examples of outstanding blogs on Typepad, please do so (do I need to say “no spam please”?). SixApart people are more than welcome to share.

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