Gary Vaynerchuk on Making Money with Social Media

Like many others, presumably including most or all of his 397,080 other followers on Twitter, I’m a fan of Gary Vaynerchuk. I admire his hard-won success and am inspired not justĀ  by his passion (I’ve met my share of passionate dills in my time) but more by his amazing combination of passion for what he does and practical, down to earth business advice.

So it was a real fillip to pick up yesterday the video link embedded here for an interview he gave on CNN. It’s a brilliant explanation of how social media works for business and the opportunities available for people to build real income from things about which they are both passionate and knowledgeable.

I hope you will enjoy and be as inspired by Gary in this interview as I was.

And picking up on an oblique reference by Gary to Tumblr, I’ve re-visited my Tumblr site and started a bit of updating. Not quite sure how it fits in, but when someone as knowledgeable and successful as Gary Vaynerchuk mentions something like this, I take notice.

By the way, his secret of success? Apart from the long, slogging hours of hard work that is?

Two words.

“I care”.

And what’s Twitter really about?

“It’s word of mouth on steroids.”

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