Leo Laporte on New Media at BlogWorld Expo

Leading podcaster Leo Laporte’s keynote at BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas last month, The Future of New Media Publishing Tools, was a highlight of the event for me. I can’t find anywhere a full video of the session, so in this post I’ve put together a kind of collage, with a video interview in which Leo summarises key points of his presentation, together with my Twitter tweets during the session and a typed-up version of my handwritten notes. There are also links to a couple of books Leo referred to.

In a short video before the keynote, Leo talked to Jim Kukral about the title and his planned approach.

From my Twitter archive:

  • Leo LaPorte speaking now: what is common to all the new media is the internet: says he really is a podcaster
  • Great ideas from Leo La Porte about the differences between blogging, audio and video
  • Encourages us to use all three mediums – lots of technology that makes it easy
  • The three media are different, value in each
  • Every podcasting network/show has levelled out in listeners: need to drop the name “podcasting”
  • If bloggers did more podcasting it would make people more comfortable with it – don’t have to go to itunes to get it!
  • Leo Laporte session terrific – each of us is the centre of our own “solar system” network
  • Leo Laporte thinks the future is v bright: old media is dead: no good just having an idea,you have to have a dialogue
  • Get away from old style format – think about creating community

Leo was later interviewed by WebProNews and touched on several of the key points in his presentation. Here is the video:

From my hand-written notes

Different purpose for

• Blogging
• Podcasting
• Video

Different skills needed

Leo does two podcasts every day of the week, has 470,000 people listening. Asks for donations – gets $10,000 a month. This was amplified in another session, on “The Cult of Blogging”, as blogged on Podcasting News.

The Wealth of Networks – How Social Products Transform Markets and Freedom by Yokai Benkler.

Now we can talk back
And it costs nothing
Can be seen/heard globally

Laporte’s radio programs are heard only in the US. His podcasts have 25% listeners internationally. Problem with advertising – advertisers not interested in/don’t want the international listeners



Cf conferences moving away from the guy at the front with slides lecturing


Wants to undermine the old paradigm

Technology to podcast/videocast becoming more accessible – Utterz, Ustream

Writing is frontal lobe, cerebral
Video is monkeymind – doesn’t need to be cerebral, which is why there is so much TV crap – stimulates emotion

Audio is intimate
– goes back to the primordial mind
– they say primitive man heard voices and didn’t know it was his own voice

Audio intimate and also very good at cerebral – v. good with abstract concepts

Speaking directly
Good at abstract ideas
More like conversation

Good to use all three modes

Read the comments on videos vs those on blogs (to compare depth)

Personality isn’t in forefront with bloggers

Linked: How Everything Is Connected to Everything Else and What It Means by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi

  • “scale-free networks”
  • We are each our own solar system

Blogging: goal should not be to get in the NY Times but to be the hub of the community you want to specialize in.

Most podcasts don’t have story art – beginning, middle, and a point (not sure I got that right).

Congratulations to Leo and his Twit.tv for the Weblog Awards 2007 Podcast of the Year award.

I’d also like to thank Leo for being such an approachable guy and willing to share ideas and suggestions. As we would say in Australia, he doesn’t have tickets on himself.

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