I was wondering how to convey in a blog post the special experience of being in the same place as a whole bunch of bloggers – some 1500 to 1700 of us (ok, some might not have been bloggers, yet, but I believe most of us probably were) – a few weeks ago at BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas.

Then I came across a post by Liz Strauss about people she met at BlogWorld Expo. The post, BlogWorld Expo: Internet People 3 is subtitled “The Energy Was Amazing”:

Bring out a bunch of bloggers and you’ll soon see a conversation get rolling. After all communication, information, and relationship is at the heart of every great blog.

The beauty of it is that as bloggers we can keep the conversation going well after the conference and expo are over for the year.

And for more on some of people at BlogWorld Expo, make sure you also check out Liz’s related posts:

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