Trying a New WordPress Theme

I’m still experimenting with WordPress design themes for this blog. There is no shortage of themes and I’ve just spent an hour or more browsing some of them, courtesy of Alex King’s very helpful theme browser.

It’s actually been very easy for me to try out different themes. It’s just a matter of downloading a zipped file to my computer, extracting them into a folder and then uploading them to my web server via FTP. Then I just click the link to the admin control panel for the site, select the new theme and it is immediately installed.

My choice of theme has been guided by the fact that this blog is intended to be a composite of a traditional business website and a blog. It’s my ‘home page’ and my ‘CEO blog’.

So my initial aim has been to find a design which looked businesslike and made it easy for people who are not used to ‘blog design’ to find their way around and learn about my business, and about the products and services I offer. In other words, the look and feel has to be not too far from that of a traditional business website.

I’ve chosen Hari Prasad Nadig’s Blue Radiant theme (Update 2012: the link to that theme is no longer functioning). I like its clean look and it appears to have the functionality I need.

Next step is to add some content.

I’m certainly interested to hear comments on the design.

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