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For anyone interested in being a speaker at BlogWorld & New Media Expo 09, mid-October in Las Vegas, Jim Turner’s session on BlogTalkRadio this coming Friday Feb 20th, US time, is a must.

BlogWorld & New Media Expo '09 logo I acknowledge that when it comes to speaking at BlogWorld & New Media Expo, I’m biased. Being able to participate as a panelist in both ’07 and ’08 was a great experience: if nothing else it helped me focus my thinking about blogging and social media.

I would encourage anyone who feels they have something to share, within the very broad scope of the program, to tune in to the show on Friday and get the good oil from my friend Jim Turner.

Jim says:

We will be discussing our call for speakers and the application process, the different speaking tracks and opportunities and what it is like to be a speaker at Blog World and New Media Expo in Las Vegas. We will talk about all thing speakers and perhaps have a few announcements.

This is exciting and I am already working with some colleagues to put together a submission for a panel session, so I am certainly going to be listening in to pick up the information and clues Jim will be providing.

If you want to know who and what was on the schedule last year, or – if you were there – refresh your mind on the subject, on the BlogWorld & New Media Expo site you can still see the details of the 2008 conference program, with speakers and topics. Bios of speakers are there also, in alphabetical order – generally I “love” an A-Z list, being a W and at the tail end, but there is a little “slide” bar on the side which you can use to scan quickly through the list. You could even start with Y (there were no Zs last year) and work up!

The show on Friday Feb 20th is at Noon PST, 3 pm Eastern. For me it will be 6 am on Saturday, but well worth getting up early to participate. If you can’t tune in live, no worries, you can listen to the recorded version. But live is better, especially as Jim Turner is a very participation-encouraging host and provides a number you can use to phone in.

Des Walsh

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